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Oblivion Proton .esp Tool
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2021-01-10 02:41resize and improve scroll and focusErik Letson2+11-5
2021-01-10 02:24removed indicator, oopsErik Letson1+0-1
2021-01-10 02:18fixed sort fail regressionErik Letson2+4-1
2021-01-09 23:25now applies enable changesErik Letson4+41-23
2021-01-09 22:01improved list orderingErik Letson3+36-8
2021-01-09 21:06very basic method of setting orderErik Letson3+42-11
2021-01-08 20:27added autowidthmixinErik Letson1+2-1
2021-01-08 20:18now applies load orderErik Letson3+16-10
2021-01-08 06:49removed unneeded stuffErik Letson3+1-47
2021-01-08 06:30added custom data classErik Letson2+53-20
2021-01-08 06:01added apply button custom classErik Letson2+22-5
2021-01-08 02:52drawing apply buttonErik Letson1+16-3
2021-01-08 00:40slightly better size for listctrlErik Letson2+3-3
2021-01-08 00:37now enabled or disabled by default in listctrlErik Letson3+16-5
2021-01-07 23:54focus index check bypasses segfaultErik Letson2+2-2
2021-01-07 23:48checkbox now works on selected rowsErik Letson1+1-0
2021-01-07 23:48checkbox now works on selected rowsErik Letson2+2-1
2021-01-07 22:37now fetches list of espsErik Letson3+22-5
2021-01-07 21:56name changes for listctrlErik Letson2+13-6
2021-01-07 21:51Actual functioning checkboxesErik Letson3+13-4
2021-01-07 21:06added path defaultsErik Letson3+14-9
2021-01-07 16:42Append is the right methodErik Letson2+10-4
2021-01-07 05:25closer to what is neededErik Letson2+15-13
2021-01-06 18:07scrolledpanel ver of listErik Letson2+60-24
2021-01-06 05:24posterity checkpoint - redesign incomingErik Letson2+27-8
2021-01-06 00:14Added in custom listctrlErik Letson2+33-2
2021-01-04 03:24basic app frame and menu barErik Letson1+72-3
2021-01-03 21:11added naive functions for filerErik Letson2+20-2
2021-01-03 19:16removed extra file from utilErik Letson1+0-203
2021-01-03 19:15skel of appErik Letson4+78-4
2021-01-03 18:48skipped install stepErik Letson1+3-1
2021-01-03 18:47Added reqs and basic readmeErik Letson2+14-0
2021-01-03 18:42env json initErik Letson1+5-0
2021-01-03 18:39wx project and add utilsErik Letson5+245-0
2020-12-27 18:52added gitignoreErik Letson1+10-0
2020-12-27 12:42initial commitErik Letson1+11-0