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A collection of scripts for use with a simple remote git service.
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2020-07-15 00:13unset in upstagit.shErik Letson1+3-0
2020-07-14 18:57unsetter in gitnew.shErik Letson1+1-0
2020-07-06 17:15Overhaul of html file sed-thruErik Letson1+2-1
2020-07-06 16:49fix a dumb syntax error on my partErik Letson1+2-2
2020-07-06 16:45should be able to style links in headerErik Letson1+1-0
2020-07-06 16:36fix sed syntax errorErik Letson1+1-1
2020-07-06 16:33Fix table formatErik Letson1+1-1
2020-07-06 16:27must replace only first closing td tagErik Letson1+1-1
2020-07-06 16:16Added link to home for all subpagesErik Letson1+1-0
2020-07-06 05:09Updated readmeErik Letson1+9-0
2020-07-06 04:28truncate some sed coms and added variable index titleErik Letson1+5-6
2020-07-06 01:58regularize sed syntaxErik Letson1+5-5
2020-07-06 00:36Fixed linking and added more vars to customizeErik Letson1+5-6
2020-07-05 20:27Fix for log page links on subpagesErik Letson1+2-2
2020-07-05 20:20fixed git url addingErik Letson1+2-1
2020-07-05 20:11first stab at git clone link sed scriptErik Letson1+1-0
2020-07-05 19:57fixed home link regexpErik Letson1+1-1
2020-07-05 19:49added link to homeErik Letson1+2-0
2020-07-04 15:10added page header table formattingErik Letson1+2-0
2020-07-04 14:49complete readmeErik Letson1+16-1
2020-07-04 14:19chown fixErik Letson2+11-6
2020-07-04 13:24Major fix-upErik Letson1+8-7
2020-07-04 13:07fixed wrong varErik Letson1+1-1
2020-07-04 13:05add sed substitution to fix linkingErik Letson1+1-0
2020-07-04 12:52fix .git formatting issueErik Letson1+7-1
2020-07-04 12:29added repo web subdir supportErik Letson1+6-5
2020-07-03 20:28fix sed regexp for finding resourcesErik Letson1+2-2
2020-07-03 08:23added initial upstagit scriptErik Letson1+44-0
2020-07-03 07:56sh file extension and permissionsErik Letson1+0-0
2020-07-03 04:58first ver of gitnewErik Letson1+24-0
2020-07-03 04:50initialize repoErik Letson2+8-0