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Gentoo-friendly patches for Suckless's dmenu.
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2020-08-26 21:45added numbersErik Letson3+103-1
2020-08-26 21:40added nonblockingstdinErik Letson4+516-1
2020-08-26 20:41Added navhistoryErik Letson6+1016-1
2020-08-23 18:55added multi-selectionErik Letson3+141-1
2020-08-23 18:39added mousesupportErik Letson3+184-1
2020-08-21 19:34Correction in README NoDoc sectionErik Letson1+1-1
2020-08-21 19:30Added highlight (missed it going alphabetically, oops)Erik Letson2+99-0
2020-08-21 19:21Added morecolorErik Letson3+53-1
2020-08-21 19:09Fixed the USAGE file in lineheightErik Letson1+7-2
2020-08-21 19:07Added managedErik Letson4+186-1
2020-08-21 18:50Added lineheightErik Letson4+154-1
2020-08-21 18:32Updated readme to reflect unsupported json patchErik Letson1+6-4
2020-08-20 20:45Update README and USAGE filesErik Letson6+7-7
2020-08-20 20:41Added instantErik Letson3+113-0
2020-08-20 20:20explained nodoc in READMEErik Letson1+12-1
2020-08-20 20:05nodoc fix added for a VERY common conflict typeErik Letson12+454-11
2020-08-20 19:27Update READMEErik Letson1+1-1
2020-08-20 19:26Added initialtextErik Letson2+69-0
2020-08-20 19:21Added incrementalErik Letson2+88-0
2020-08-16 04:26Added highpriorityErik Letson3+189-1
2020-08-16 03:33Update READMEErik Letson1+2-2
2020-08-16 02:04Added gridErik Letson3+112-2
2020-08-16 01:15Fixed READMEErik Letson1+5-4
2020-08-15 22:34Added dynamicoptionsErik Letson2+142-0
2020-08-15 21:37Added centerErik Letson3+204-0
2020-08-15 21:14Correction of border USAGE fileErik Letson1+1-1
2020-08-15 21:13Added caseinsensitiveErik Letson3+65-2
2020-08-15 20:58Readme and borderoption patchErik Letson3+126-0
2020-08-15 19:39Added borderErik Letson2+42-0
2020-08-14 20:51Initial commit and licenseErik Letson1+19-0