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Gentoo-friendly patches for Suckless's dwm.
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Author: Erik Letson <>
Date:   Sun,  9 Aug 2020 11:48:25 -0500

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -0,0 +1,51 @@ +suckless-gf-dwm - Gentoo-Friendly Patches for Suckless's dwm + +== What Is This? == + + This repository contains a host of patches that can be applied to dwm, the dynamic window manager from These +patches have been modified to work with Gentoo's dwm package, and are specifically compatible with the 'savedconfig' USE flag. Each +patch in this repository has its own directory. Each of these directories contains the actual patch file itself (ending in '.patch', +for Portage compatibility reasons), and a file called USAGE that informs the user on any manual changes that should or might be +applied in order to use the patch. Be sure to read USAGE carefully before applying the patch, and follow the instructions therein! + + This project exists because of a problem with the default way that Suckless programs work in a Gentoo environment. Gentoo's +package manager, Portage, offers a built-in utility for patching programs, and this utility works nicely with the patches for dwm +that can be found on Additionally, since Portage is a source-based package manager, it also offers a utility for +editing config.h files in Suckless programs by using the 'savedconfig' USE flag. This USE flag, when enabled, will create a directory +in /etc/portage/savedconfig that contains a header file (this file is located in /etc/portage/savedconfig/x11-wm/dwm/ in dwm's case). +This header file can be edited just like the one that you would edit if you were working with a git repository or other copy of the +dwm code directly. Edits made to this file are applied as a diff to config.def.h at emerge time, thus providing a very simple and +convenient way of incorporating Suckless's recommended modification methodology in a Portage-friendly fashion. There is a problem +with this, however; because of the way that Portage patches programs as part of ebuilds, most of the time any patches that make +changes to config.def.h themselves will be totally incompatible with a custom savedconfig header file, and emerge will fail if you +try to apply such a patch while 'savedconfig' is enabled. The solution to this dilemma is to modify the patches in such a way as to +make them never make any changes to config.def.h, and thus make them compatible with 'savedconfig' and friendly to Gentoo. Any +changes that the patch originally tried to make to config.def.h could either be applied manually to the savedconfig header file by +the user, or potentially included in another file as part of the patching process, depending on what the changes do. + + A side-goal of this repository is to make each target patch (see below) support the current stable version of x11-wm/dwm as +offered by Gentoo tree (currently dwm version 6.2). This could potentially result in substantial changes being made to individual +patches, or perhaps the total rewrite of patches altogether. Compatibility changes will be noted in individual patches' USAGE files. + + These patches are ALL compatible with Portage and savedconfig. Effort has also been taken to ensure the patches are themselves +cross-compatible; that is, that they do not conflict with each other. Despite this effort, lack of conflict between patches is not +guaranteed at this time. If any specific patches are incompatible with each other, the conflict will be note in the patches' USAGE +files. Normally, this should serve to document most incompatiblities, but in the case of the user applying a great many patches all +at once, it is possible that novel conflicts may occur. Beware of this should you try to emerge with a huge number of patches! + +== Target Patches == + + suckless-gf-dwm targets the patches located at the following locations: + + (1). + +== License == + + suckless-gf-dwm is released under the MIT/X Consortium License, the same license that dwm itself is under: + ( + + See the LICENSE file for details. + +== Maintainer == + + suckless-gf-dwm is maintained by Erik Letson <>. Please direct any questions or patches to that email.